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Our Story

Qualiticks's founders have been in the IT industry for almost their entire working life. After building up a solid knowledge and experience across a variety of products and professional services, they have seen the opportunity to bring customer experience to another level, and improve the delivery methods by focussing on three key things: collaborative approach, uncompromised quality, and making clients successful.


It all started in 2013 when Qualiticks was first established. It was born in the cloud and is helping big and small organisations transition there ever since. 2015 presented another major milestone: Qualiticks's team was extended to provide services into different time zones so that can offer 24/7 services delivery to all clients. Soon after, the team has grown from one to three continents with remote staff across Europe and Asia-Pacific. The company now consists of 15 people with unique skillsets across Technical Consulting, Delivery and Customer Engagement, and Success. It all blends together to deliver a unique partnership experience for our clients, where they feel heard and understood, and Qualiticks is seen as an extension of their internal teams rather than a vendor.


You can check below for our Management and Advisory team and our associated partnerships.

Management and Advisory Team


Lubo Shopov

Managing Director


Greg Novakov

Customer Strategy Advisor


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