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App in a Week Terms and Conditions


The goal of this promotional activity is to showcase Qualitick's quick and efficient approach of creating custom apps based on simplified client's requirements, using rapid development and deployment best practices. Qualiticks agrees to provide App in a Week to existing and new Qualiticks's customers based on the below terms and conditions:

  • The offer is valid only for projects pre-approved by Qualiticks

  • Only dummy data to be used, any production usage is excluded

  • The goal is to provide a minimum viable product (MVP) or prototype, to prove a client's concept or idea

  • There are no SLA, support or maintenance agreements attached to this offer. Should the client decide to proceed with a full version of the app, those agreements could be discussed.

  • Please note that some capacity constraints might be applied based on specific hosting needs

  • The delivery time starts once the full version of all client's requirements is received and approved by Qualiticks

  • The App will be hosted by Qualiticks for 30 days after implementation and access provided to the client for evaluation

  • Access to the source code will be provided only in case the client decides to proceed with full version of the app and upon signing an additional commercial agreement

  • Intellectual Property is owned by Qualiticks unless stated otherwise in a separate commercial agreement

  • Qualiticks standard Terms and Conditions apply

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