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Transformation Services

Business Productivity


  • Data from multiple Nurse Call systems takes days to aggregate and report on

  • Users cannot self-serve in existing solutions


Business Values:

  • Report operational efficiency and Nurse's response time across the whole organization

  • All Nurse Call systems feed data in, without complex Integration project

  • Solution is server-less, with minimum operational costs 

Cloud Migration


  • Data needs to be fresh as soon as it is available

  • Users cannot self-serve in existing reporting solutions

Business Values:

  • Enable transparency from bird's eye view down to transaction level

  •  Dashboards for Income Statement and Profit and Loss organisational reporting

Modern Workplace


  • Highlight operational efficiencies

  • Make data-driven decisions

Business Values:

  • Improve business predictions and insights with real-time data analytics

  • Self-serve business intelligence dashboard and reports

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