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Marketing and Content Specialist

Sydney NSW, Australia

Full Time


  • Work with the  management team to get and understanding of the short term and long term      marketing targets and then develop content strategies accordingly

  • Creating  which will catch maximum customer interest

  • Writing and  content for websites, social media pages and public 

  • Optimize  Engine Optimization driven content and increase the site traffic

  • Collaborating  the management and sales team to decide the brand taglines, logo and other promotional material

  • Measuring and  company website and LinkedIn media traffic statistics

  • Monitor the increase in traffic due to new content and take actions accordingly to improve the traffic metrics

  • Brainstorming and suggesting new ways to improve the traffic by tapping into new platforms and channels

  • Ensure that the content is compliant with the copyright and data protection laws

  • Maintain consistency in content and ensure alignment with the brand history and plans

  • Identify customers needs in relation to the company and write content to cater those needs

  • Update the website, LinkedIn company page and other content pages periodically

  • Conducting research on the key SEO terms and incorporating them into the content to      achieve maximum viewership

  • Experience with graphical design

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