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Financial Dashboards for Aged Care Providers

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Our long-term client is in Top 5 Aged Care providers in Australia and has been serving people in need for over 160 years. They specialise in providing services to the vulnerable via a variety of not-for-profit activities including residential care, retirement living, community services, social housing, fundraising and more.

The Challenge

The business was aiming to address their long-standing goal to improve financial metrics via increased internal engagement and ownership across all cost centres. Historically there has been a lack of visibility and limited financial transparency which impacted the results in some critical business areas.

The previous system in use was internally developed and based on SQL. The user experience was clunky and outdated and did not encourage the right behaviors.

By implementing a simple, visual, and modern interface the organisation was hoping to promote financial discipline and ownership at all organisational levels, as well as data-driven decision making processes.

The Solution

The new Analytics Interface delivered by Qualiticks leveraged the business intelligence capabilities of Power Bi to turn organisation’s underlying data sources into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.

Being linked to the data warehouse, the interactive dashboard offers its own structure with real-time visibility allowing forward focused decision-making process with minimal interruptions. The advanced drill-through capability ensures transparency as deeply as needed - up to a single transaction level, and ability to track and report on user engagement. It also enables a self-serve user model with clear ownership and is tightly aligned with another important business initiative on the roadmap: migration to a new financial system.


" We appreciate working with Qualiticks – they really aimed to understand our industry, the entire organisational landscape, and focus on our business challenges. They spent the time learning the specifics of our business and our desired future state. We enjoy working with Qualiticks and appreciate their professionalism and ability to deliver even in challenging times such as the current Covid crisis in NSW – it only demonstrates their excellency."

Senior Management Accountant,

Residential Aged Care and Home Care Organisation

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