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Nurse Call Reporting for Aged Care Providers

Our client is an independent Christian charity specialising in dementia and aged care, palliative care, rehabilitation, and older persons' mental health. Regarded nationally and internationally as one of Australia’s most innovative health and aged care providers, they offer hospital care, residential care, and community services. They have a particular commitment to dementia care and research as well as to people who are financially disadvantaged.

The Challenge

The nurse calls management and reporting are critical areas of the business, especially when looking after people with clinical situations. The number and frequency of calls, time to response, and workload per nurse all provide evaluative inputs for making data-driven decisions in the best interest of the patience and staff.

The previous system in place was internally developed and based on an SQL database. The user experience was clunky and outdated. Reporting was particularly painful due to the very manual, disconnected spreadsheets-based approach. An additional challenge was that different types of nurse calls were stored in different databases: SQL, Firebird, flat file systems, etc. Apart from being time-consuming, the process was also not immune to human errors and did not allow the right visibility for proactive decision-making. The business previously tried to automate the nurse call reporting via different data visualisation tools.

As the software in use was old there were only a few ways to solve this problem. Putting in a cloud solution was almost impossible. The difference between vendors and software versions only made it more complicated.

The Solution

What Qualiticks provided as a solution successfully reduced the manual effort and time for managing interactions between patients and staff. The Nurse Call System enabled concise and compact reporting, which was clear to understand and easy to distribute. After the initial MVP delivery stage, more reports have been added along with additional information for cross-reference to maximise the business outcomes.

This project proved the value of BI to the business, and later extended to organisation’s financial division. Not only did it help nurse calls but also empowered and transformed the overall business areas.


"We appreciated the collaborative approach which Qualiticks brought. Their team worked with us to co-produce the solution and ensured it is fully aligned with all business requirements. They also trained our internal staff throughout the project lifecycle instead of just a one-off handover at the end. From inception through to delivery Qualiticks ensured that all key stakeholders are fully engaged and involved in the project.

It was a transformative experience, which delivered a timely business outcome to our organisation. Qualitick’s team is made of true technology evangelists who generously share their knowledge and experience."

ICT Infrastructure Manager,

Aged Care and Community Services

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