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Identity Management for Food and Catering Services

Our long-term client is one of Australia's largest food and catering companies. The organisation provides food and support services nationwide, from prestigious venues, hospitals and workplaces to schools and universities, to defense, offshore and remote locations. Their services also extend to asset management, maintenance, cleaning, security and more.

The Challenge

Time for onboarding new users was recognised by our client as one of their main internal bottlenecks causing pain to multiple areas of the business: HR, payroll, IT Infrastructure, and others. They started looking for a solution that removes the manual effort and provides efficiency, automation, and scalability. One of the alternatives considered was Oracle Identity Manager, however the business was not satisfied with the level of automation it brings. The following primary business drivers have been determined:

  • Improve Operational Efficiency by reducing the cost and time required for managing access to different applications and provisioning of Office 365 services.

  • Reduce Risk Exposure - the new solution should enable the business to quickly deploy complete Identity Life Cycle Management and improved security and policy controls.

The Solution Qualiticks managed to quickly identify the exact pain points and related dependencies. The solution design was based on Microsoft Identity Manager and provided seamless integration with two main components: HR System and Microsoft Active Directory. It supplied a simple, scalable, and efficient rules engine process that reduced the synchronisation time from a few hours to a few minutes. It also allowed better performance at speed. Security risk was decreased by optimising the cloud architecture and splitting the components on different servers to avoid single point of failure. Throughout the project, an additional scope was identified, such as adding security groups and distribution lists which added value by improving internal business processes, e.g., standartisation across user accounts and improved user relationships mapping.

Once implemented, the business realised 99% success rate in onboarding new users (roughly 500 users per quarter). Using iterative approach, Qualiticks continued to refine and scale the solution reaching 10,000 users across the organisation. Continuous delivery and more automation were added.


"Qualiticks's delivery approach really resonated well with our business. They are one of the best in the industry! We estimated the project duration to six months, and they were able to deliver it within three, which enabled us to apply change management and ensure a smooth user onboarding process.

We realise the Identity Management is not set and forget system but requires continuous support, maintenance and improvements, we are happy to be having long-term ongoing relationships with Qualiticks and enjoying minimal disruption due to incidents in the last few years."

IS&T Infrastructure Manager

Food and Catering Company

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