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Nurse Call System for Aged and Home Care Organisation

For more than a century our client has been providing care to older people and services to the vulnerable via a variety of not-for-profit activities, including residential care, retirement living and aged care at home.

The Challenge

The problem they were trying to resolve was a complete lack of visibility across their aged care homes and particularly the nurse response times. Historically, to view any specific home data you had to login to the home's specific system. In addition to the fact that most homes were using different software, some of them did not even have access to the server. There was no aggregated view of data or any kind of reporting. That created a variety of complications for the business, especially after the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety recommendations around response time metrics.

To address the issue, the business investigated a few alternatives, however most of them were hardware-based solutions which made the total cost of ownership far bigger than the available budgets.

The Solution

Within a very short period of time Qualiticks managed to provide a quick POC for two of the care homes. Using a data warehouse as a middle layer, they built reporting based on normalised data. The next few iterations were focused on the UX and design, as well as addressing the user feedback from the initial POC. Quaiticks also helped to translate the language coming from different homes' systems because the configurations were not consistent across the board. As a result, the client has been able to categorise the data and compare it like for like between homes. For those of the systems that were unable to integrate via API, Qualiticks created custom connectors, thus avoiding costly implementations of a unified system.

Today, all homes are monitoring the reports built by Qualiticks daily. They are not just a compliance tool but also a continuous improvement engine. Data is monitored on a home basis and centrally. The business is using it for critical decisions such as which home needs more help and targeted support, what is the residential care risk profile, what is the right level of resourcing, what improvements are needed.


"The technical solution provided by Qualiticks was elegant, simple, and easy to manage after the handover. It is much faster than anything else we explored and in line with our drive to Microsoft Power BI.

Our overall customer journey was great, the level of expertise within the Qualiticks team was really comforting. They have successfully completed similar projects before, and we had a high level of trust in them. So many team members stepped in and helped us with all the issues we experienced in the project.

The original requirements were twofold: have all the data in a central place and be able to respond for compliance. What we received on top of that from an operational perspective is so much more! This reporting is business-critical."

Business Intelligence Analyst

Residential Aged Care and Home Care Organisation

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