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We help businesses to access and integrate data from multiple systems, so they can simplify and automate reporting to make better business decisions​

Today, data is collected and stored with every digital interaction your clients, stakeholders, employees and users undertake. Every system and process generates some type of data which the modern technology platforms automatically collect and store. 

Still, organisations are struggling to empower their decision making functions to leverage this data so they can make the most informed and timely decisions possible. Instead, most business decisions are made based on semi-manual reports which data is already outdated by the time it is shared internally.


Qualiticks Data Analytics as a Service provides reliable, flexible, secure and cost effective approach to unlocking the power of your internal data and serve it in near real-time to those who are delegated to use it. From critical summary view to the most detailed drill-down, it enables your organisation to be proactive and navigate the complex environment of today's disruptive and ever changing business reality. 

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